Futuristic Camo Army RFID Wallet Phone Case

  • $33.29

Carry everything you need in Awesome Futuristic Camouflage Army Pattern RFID Wallet Phone Case. Our RFID Wallet Phone Cases are perfect for expressing your passion for creativity while keeping yourself organized with ease. Includes RFID security lining, plus, always be ready with our slide up design giving you quick access to your camera.


★ Environmentally-friendly, animal-safe, leather-like material

★ Peace of mind with RFID protection material built-in

★ Features cash pocket, 3 credit card slots, snap closure and attachable hand strap

★ Over 60 phone models supported

Note: Each wallet is custom created for you after ordering.

NOTE: Our products are shipped from China but designed in USA. We make sure that you have confidence in us so that you can have the same thing to your customers. Our products are not ordinary products that you can just find elsewhere. Materials and designs have been carefully inspected before we release in public.


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