How To Choose The Right Military Watches

How To Choose The Right Military Watches


How To Choose The Right Military Watches

Every man needs a wristwatch. They’re a statement piece and embody your personality, character, design preferences and showcase your style. It’s the piece of a showman and a manly man. Military watches, especially give you an edge that you won’t get when you pull out your phone to check the time.

 Decide on The Design

 Military watches, especially the ones we stock have a variety of design options. You can decide on a leather armband, stainless steel armband or even a sports armband that’s quite durable. On the face of the watch you could go for a rather simplistic face that mainly has the dial and hands, or choose a watch that works as hard as you do. Choosing between added features like a chronograph or calendars and stop watches.

 Determine What Watch Movement You’d Want

 Would you want a quartz movement, mechanical movement or automatic movement? They’re all very different, but affect the overall functionality and cost of the watch. To help you decide we’ll go over each movement briefly.


This reliable and common movement can be found in most watches. They keep time accurately, they’re durable and low maintenance. However, they’re also not rich in panache and the movement of the second hand won’t be as smooth as on a mechanical or automatic watch.

A mechanical watch is powered by a coiled spring that makes the need for a battery unnecessary. As the spring uncoils you’ll need to wind the watch, so it remains accurate. The best part about a mechanical watch is that it doesn’t have the ticking sound associated with quartz watches.


Unlike a mechanical movement an automatic movement doesn’t need to be wound up. Instead they self-wind through a mechanism known as a rotor, that winds as your wrist moves. Having a watch with a mechanical movement gives you character, since it’s quite uncommon these days.


  Find A Size That Fits Your Wrist

 The size of your watches face should depend solely on the size of your wrist and nothing else. As a watch that’s too small can look as though you’re wearing a female wristwatch, or one that’s too large can look as though you’re dabbling in rap music after hours. Unless you’re a secret rapper you’d want to keep to our guidelines so you look gentlemanly and fashionable.

 If you have an uncommonly smaller wrist you’ll need to choose a military watch with a smaller face and possibly a leather armband. These will look appropriate and professional on any mans wrist, while still giving you the manliness of wearing a watch.

 However, the rule of thumb (in most instances) is that men with 6 to 7 inch wrists should wear watches where the diameter of the case is between 38 to 42mm wide. Any man with a wrist that’s larger than 7 inches should get a case that 44 to 46mm wide.

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